The HALM Collective Podcast Studio is offering bespoke services for composing your luxe audio and visual content.

We offer a distinct and elevated vibe for your content creation, whether it is content for your social media channels, radio interviews, company announcements or trainings. 

Equipped with high grade production gear and offering flexible setups, our studio ensures high-quality pre and post production, in-house.

The Halm Collective

Podcast Summer Sessions

Podcast Summer Sessions

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  • Podcast

    Do you or your company want to start a podcast? Our podcast producer has extensive experience in producing podcasts from idea to finished product. In many cases this includes: idea/concept, project management, recording and post-production.

  • Studio

    In our podcast studio, you can record with up to four microphones. Always together with our audio engineer. After recording, we deliver the audio file as it is or edited as per your requirements.

  • Edit

    When we edit, we cut out unwanted pauses, filler words or that specific thing you asked us to cut out afterwards. We also add vignettes and do other sound editing. Additionally, every edit is inclusive of one reel for your social media channels.