The ”HALM Art de Vivre” vibe expresses itself throughout the villa, distinctively designed to create a welcoming, personalised yet professional luxe, atmosphere around well-being + conviviality.

The Halm Villa is a synergy of carefully curated collections experiences with flexible creative spaces specifically dedicated to the discovery of art, fashion, music, interior design, events, networking, and more. 

JOIN US on our ever-evolving journey and, welcome to our way of life… 

World of Halm

We'd love to tell you our story, It’s not only about bags…

Based upon true passion, the HALM journey started 5 years ago by Founder + Creative Director Hanna Ransjö - who has now decided it’s time to add another chapter to our book. 

We are delighted to announce the opening of THE HALM COLLECTIVE, a Curated Extension of everything that we love in an atmosphere that conveys our ART DE VIVRE + CREATIVE VISION… 

Welcome to our World ! 

Here is a little bit more about our PAST & HISTORY...


The vision for the Halm Collective emerged from a desire to share our Creative Vison + to bring together professionals + individuals from diversified creative backgrounds seeking exclusive venues to connect.

At the Halm Collective,  work and socialise - or simply, unwind, chillax + absorb the vibes while enjoying super good coffee & board games in our lush garden.

Defined by its genuine atmosphere, “The Halm Villa” is a place to EXPLORE + to DISCOVER the unexpected with new happenings every day… 

Bespoke HALM handbags, Collections from Curated selections of Designers + Artisans, Fresh Blossoms, Interior Design Consultations, Collaborative Workspaces, Heirloom Accessories but also, Art Exhibitions, Participative Talks, Networking Events, Eclectic Sound sessions and more… - The Halm Collective is a “ONE-STOP-PLAYING” of the Artistic + Luxury scene. 


The Halm Collective was entirely designed + conceptualised by HALM Creative Director and Founder Hanna Ransjö. Her Scandinavian heritage found a unique position alongside inspirations from the Middle East, and more precisely from Dubai - adopted as her home many years ago. 

The combination of her creative vision, diversified experiences in luxury industry, aspirations for the highest quality + a hands-on approach are the predominant pillars of the Halm Collective.

The Halm Collective thus represents the unification of the excellency from both cultures - merging Nordic functional minimalistic designs with the modern traditionalism of the Middle Eastern culture.  

Continually aspiring to timeless luxury + designs, it is essential for us to exhibit talent while emphasising on the craftsmanship of our creatives. Hence, our selections bring together innovative curated brands + designers from around the world with a pronounced penchant for the Scandinavian style and Arabic inspirations vibes.